POLENET Video Podcast #6: The Start of a New Field Season
Project Description

POLENET is a global network dedicated to observing the polar regions in a changing world.

The project focuses on collecting GPS and seismic data from autonomous systems deployed at remote sites spanning much of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. GPS and seismic measurements together provide a means to answer critical questions about ice sheet behavior in a warming world.

The unprecedented scale of the POLENET sensor network will allow investigation of systems-scale interactions of the solid earth, the cryosphere, the oceans and the atmosphere.

POLENET data will enable new studies of the inner earth, tectonic plates, the earth’s magnetic field, climate and weather, and the solar wind, and will lead to as yet unimagined discoveries about the critical polar regions of our planet.

These video podcasts were produced during the 2009-2011 field seasons to capture the research process in real time.

Project Details
The Polar Earth Observing Network (POLENET)
Final Cut Pro, HDV
November 26, 2010