Schema of a Soul Book Cover
Project Description

“Schema of a Soul is a loving reflection on a mother’s experience with deep loss. Honest, raw and poetic, I found Kimberlye’s connections of life and spirit inspiring. This book touched me in the deep reaches of my heart as I connected with the author as a wife and mother. Now I want to go out and savor the moments with my family and take a more honest look at my pain that I might love more deeply and freely. I recommend this book for pastors, counselors and friends of those who are grieving.”

—Andrea Wenburg

Schema of a Soul uses architecture as an analogy for life. The cover design plays on elements of architecture that are discussed in the book. The first image shown was selected as the final version.

You can find the book at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Project Details
Kimberlye Berg
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
October 9, 2013