UNAVCO Conference Booth
Project Description

UNAVCO is a non-profit university-governed consortium, facilitates geoscience research and education using geodesy.

UNAVCO maintains a presence at two large conferences each year— The American Geophysical Union conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and the Geological Society of America, which maintains a base in Denver but travels every other year to different cities. Before renovating the booth, UNAVCO was required to ship two massive boxes at the cost of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the booth was time-consuming and finicky to set up. After a few years of use, wear and tear on the aluminum framing presented dangerous safety concerns for people visiting the booth.

In 2013, the booth got a complete makeover. Megan worked to reduce the footprint necessary to ship across the country, as well as to find a pop-up booth setup that was quick, easy, durable, and able to evolve as needed. An EZ Tube display was utilized, as well as a re-purposed retired polar GPS station turned into TV stand.

The photo was taken using a Gigapan robotic photo system and was blended with LiDAR data captured by UNAVCO engineers. LiDar is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing the reflected light, and is utilized by many of the science research projects that UNAVCO supports. Because UNAVCO is located in Boulder, CO, the iconic flatirons were chosen as the backdrop. 10 foot and 20 foot versions were created to accommodate various booth spaces.

Project Details
Gigapan photography, Adobe Photoshop, word cloud design, large format printing
July 10, 2013